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Base on our deep understanding on farm business the raw materials is a key issue to archive high effisiency of animal farm. Responding to this challenge, we developed fishmeal product as well as other feed ingredients. with this package, we present the best service option for feedmilling.
As a partner of PT. Trouw Nutrition Indonesia, we offer animal nutrition solution i.e premixes,basemixes,animal health and feed supplement. Combination of our market understanding and Nutreco global knowledge we could reach 70% market access of animalnutrition business in Indonesia ( Calculated base on population).

After gained the trust, we continue to improve ourselves by increasing the number of transportation fleet in each city as well as increasing technical service. we also conduct education regarding nutrition technology development ( Poultry Academy, Ruminant Academy, Aquaculture Academy). The Development of this technology needs to be updated considering the science that continues to grow and move over time on which the farming will be more profitable. the education give low-middle farmer into updated in technical information and technology.
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Saturday, 13 August 2011 00:00
Indonesia livestock industry experienced to grow from time to time (at 7% per annum) affected by population and economic growth. it is comformed by the increase in livestock population and increasing feed production by existing players as well as new investment.
moreover, by a population of indonesia reached 250 million people and consistantly positive economic growthduring 10 years periods, of course, livestock industry is a promising  business in Indonesia. Along with these developments, improvement quality of livestock products has become a market requirement. the perpetratos of the world's farm also compete by cost pressure (especially ray materials and energy cost), continuing to improve good governance andefficient farming. selection of the nutrient content of feed for livestock appropriately has become the primary consideration. this is where we saq an opportunity.

Bumiraya, founded in 2005 as trading partner of PT. BASF Indonesia on premix and feed additive products. due to acquistion of animal nutrition business of BASF by Nutreco in 2007 and then Bumiraya appointed as strategic partner of PT.Trouw Nutrition Indonesia (as Nutreco Company). Products offered include single vitamins and minerals to supply to freedmills and distributors of veterinary medicine.

Subsequently in 2009, these products also began to go to the poultry, aquaculture, pigs, beef and dairy farm. it is our focus to become the best company in animal nutrition specialist with guaranteed quality products and services. To give the prime service for consumers, we build a cooperation with Brill Software to Create a lastest technology on feed formulation.
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